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Pool Equipment Upgrade

Equipment Upgrade

Your pool equipment works hard every day of the season. Mechanical repairs are inevitable, but there are a bunch of upgrades you might want to consider immediately. For fun, consider a slide. For safety, consider a new cover. For efficiency consider a new pump or heater. For freedom, consider adding some automation to your system. Whatever you need, we can help.

Integrity Pool Builders only uses the best equipment. Pentair offers the best warranty and most innovative products on the market. Pentair is also the industry leader in energy efficient equipment. Integrity Pool Builders is a Certified Install & Warranty station.

Energy Efficiency

Old, out-dated pool equipment can be costing you more money to operate and it's likely not doing the job as good as new equipment.  If you're ready to upgrade your equipment to something that performs better that your current equipment at a lower cost, let us help.  We are experts at selecting, installing and maintaining the equipment that is perfect for your needs.


Multi-Speed Pumps

efficient pool pumpA multi-speed pump gives you the benefit of a clean pool and a low monthly electric bill.  If you need to replace your pool pump, let us help you pick the right pool pump for your needs. 


Efficient Pool Heaters

new pool heater installationA warm pool doesn't have to mean a high heating bill.  You made the investment in your pool and you deserve to give your friends and family a pool they love.  A comfortable pool temperature means more hours of enjoyment and many more fond memories.   


Automation Systems

Pool Chemical Automation

automatic pool chlorinator Don't end up with a green pool because your life got too hectic to maintain your pool chemistry.  Our automation systems can care for your pool while you are busy taming the grueling details of life.  When you get home after a hard day of work, your pool and spa will be ready to help you shed your stress and power up for another day.


Remote Monitoring and Management

pool automation software Whether you need remote control of your pool due to your busy travel schedule or you just need to have the luxury of firing up the spa while you're leaving the office, our remote pool control systems are amazing.  We have systems you can control from the house or from your mobile home.  Get graphs of your pool temperature, chemistry and equipment usage.  This is the ultimate in pool controls.


Need to upgrade your pool equipment?  Contact us.

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