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Pool and Spa Replastering

Pool and Spa Replastering

If your swimming pool is showing it's age, we can bring back that loving feeling. By replastering your pool, your family will appreciate it more and it will improve the value of your home. Not to mention all the good times it will provide while you own it. Check out our process...

Drain and Jackhammer

Let's get started. First we will drain the pool so we can get to the entire inner surface

Our crew will jackhammer your existing plaster every 10-12 inches. This creates a place for the new plaster to "grab hold" on your old plaster.


Replace the Top Side

You're going to love your pool when it's done. We will replace your waterline tile with your new plaster. You should seriously consider replacing your coping and decking as well.

Bringing your coping and decking up to date will bring more value, safety and enjoyment out of your pool renovation.


Apply Plaster

Our crew works quickly to create a smooth and consistent surface throughout your entire pool.

We will replace your steps, outlet covers, tie-downs and more.



Aren't you glad you renovated your pool?

Turning a run-down pool into a peaceful sanctuary will give you the stress-relieving poolside relaxtion that you've been avoiding. You and your family will get years of enjoyment and happy memories from your pool renovation

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