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Designing your dream pool

Our customer focused design process, talent and pool experience ensures your pool will provide the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal you deserve. Here are some of the key elements we focus on when designing a pool:


We get to know you and what you want
Our customer focused design process, talent and pool experience ensures your pool will provide the safety, functionality and aesthetic appearance you deserve. Every step of the design process will be handled with the utmost detail to ensure you pool becomes a reality.

We know the ropes:

We know the ropes

Designing Your Dream Pool

Once the design details are ironed out and approved, our team will work with a third party engineer to get his approval and stamp on your pool structure. We will then work with your local municipality to procure a permit, once the permit is issued, we will begin the construction process.


We design backyard fun

Layout and Excavation

The layout meeting is our official “kick off” to construction. We stake out and paint the location of your pool and cover all of the important topics that pertain to the construction of your pool. This is where we introduce our key members of the construction process and pass the torch to the construction team to take it from there.

You won’t want to miss excavation day. After marking out the location of your pool per plan, heavy equipment is brought onsite to move some dirt. Depending on whether or not dirt stays onsite and the size of your pool, the excavation can take a single day to a few days to complete.



Plumbing and Steel

This phase is where we install the framework of the pool. The plumbing is like the veins of the pool, circulating the water to the equipment and then returning the water to the pool after it has been filtered and heated. The steel is like the bones of the pool, helping provide strength and durability to the pool shell. Our expert crews will execute what is drawn on the plan with meticulous detail and a high level of craftsmanship. When the work is completed, the 3rd party engineer and your local municipality will perform inspections to verify that everything has been built per plan.




Shotcrete is one of the most exciting phases of the construction process and one you certainly will not want to miss. This is when your pool finally begins to take shape and no longer looks like a big hole in the ground. Shotcrete is the method of pneumatically applying concrete at a high velocity through a hose and nozzle. Our shotcrete process and craftsmanship is second to none in this market, as no one invests as much as we do in the best equipment and the time training our guys to produce the best nozzleman and finishers. By the end of the day, our experienced crews and detailed craftsman will have the pool shell fully installed and ready for the next phase.

Our Tile and Coping Process

Pool Tile and Coping Process

Tile and Coping

At this phase, we work towards improving the overall aesthetics of your pool. Materials that you hand selected in our showroom come to life on your pool. We will install the band of coping that sits directly above the pool shell and your waterline tile. This is when your pool really starts to feel and look like the custom pool you envisioned. At this phase we also install the infrastructure for your automatic pool cover. This will ensure a quick and easy install once its time to install the cover.

Our Equipment Set Process

Pool equipment setting process

Equipment Set

If the rough plumbing installed earlier is the veins, then the equipment set is the heart. Behind every beautiful custom pool we build, is a set of equipment that allows the pool to stay heated and filtered, allowing your pool to be swim ready at your convenience. Our equipment sets feature the industry best pumps, filters, heaters and automation. This, along with our unique 3-year warranty we get through the manufacturer, will give you the piece of mind to know your only focus will be on enjoying your pool.

Our Plaster Process

Integrity pool plaster work


This is the moment you have been waiting for! The final step before we begin to fill your pool and get you swimming. This is when our top of the line plaster is applied to your pool shell, completing that custom and unique feel. By the end of the day, your pool will begin filling with water and you will be just days away from cooling off in your brand new custom pool.

Our Starting-Up Your New Pool Process

Starting up your new pool

Starting-Up Your New Pool

Proper start up procedure is crucial to how your plaster cures and stays beautiful. Our team will work daily to properly balance the water in a manner that will allow your plaster to maintain that pristine look. Getting the pool started up quickly and effectively is key to your plaster curing out, so let our team take you through this process and get your swimming as quickly as possible. After the initial start up, our team will continue to perform regularly weekly maintenance for 3 months after your pool is plastered to ensure your plaster stays looking immaculate. As the only company who cares for pools this closely after plaster, you can be assured that you selected a builder who truly cares for and stands behind their work.


Our customer focused design process, talent and pool experience ensures your pool will provide the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal you deserve. Here are some of the key elements we focus on when designing a pool:

Budget and Long-Term Costs

Budget and Long-Term Costs

We help you match your pool budget with a design that maximizes your investment from initial construction to ongoing maintenance and operational costs.


Choosing the ideal pool location takes planning.

We evaluate your unique site conditions, consider the connections to your indoor spaces, and imagine surroundings in our designs to deliver a pool that becomes the center of your outdoor living space.



Local Regulations

Ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Obtain any necessary permits before starting construction.

Entertainment Features

Integrate features like tanning ledges, waterfalls, fire-bowls, fountains, or bubblers to enhance the ambiance of your pool experience.

Consider space for additional amenities like a hot tub or water slides.



Energy Efficiency

Opt. for energy-efficient equipment and lighting to reduce operational costs.

Maintenance Considerations

Design the pool with easy maintenance in mind, such as accessible pump and filter areas.

Plan for proper drainage to prevent water accumulation around the pool.

Integrity Pool Builders EXPERIENCE

By carefully considering all these factors, we guide you thru the process of creating a well-designed pool or spa that checks all your boxes:

  • Budget friendly
  • Functionality
  • Durability